Terms and Conditions


As WallGauge transitions from development to production this document will be updated.  It is a starting point for our Terms and Conditions.  For now all users of a WallGauge system should read and agree to the terms and items called out below.  Please check back as we plan on updating this document. 



  • WallGauge.com: is currently operating as a product of Solar-Current.com Inc.

  • WallGauge.com system: is a GDT and at least one WallGauge.

  • ird TX board: is an abbreviation for the WallGauge infrared transmitter board.

  • GDT: is an abbreviation for Gauge Data Transmitter.  The GDT is a Raspberry Pi zero W computer with a WallGauge idr TX board fitted to the top. 

  • WallGauge: is the round ~3” printed circuit board (PCB) fitted with an infrared receiver, motor drive circuit, automotive dashboard stepper motor, Parallax processor, EEPROM, power management circuit and the 3 AAA battery holder.  In addition the hardware the WallGauge also contains proprietary software that is preloaded into the EEPROM. 


Risks involved with this system

  • This solution is based on open source software that can be modified by a bad actor without our knowledge. 

    • This can also cause unforeseen outages if one of the library’s we depend on is broken by the owner

  • Support is best effort and subject to my availability.

  • We do not own the data or data sources.  Most of the data is pulled from public web services.  If these web services change their access policy or how the data is accessed a gauge may stop working.

    • Each gauge should have a data source section so users can see where it is coming from.

  • The firmware, PCB design, and communications protocol inside the WallGauge is the intellectual property of WallGauge.com 

  • The infrared daughter board attached to the Raspberry Pi is the intellectual property of WallGauge.com


Personal Data

  • Access to the Gauge Data Transmitter is over an encrypted wireless connection.  This connection is established when the user connects their smartphone to the GDT by following the setup process.  No user login ID or Password is required to connect and manage the GDT.  However, the user must have physical access to the GDT to setup the secure connection. 

  • To manage the GDT the user must be in close proximity to the GDT within 1 to 5 meters. No remote access is available to the GDT.  


Network Warning 

Caution, connecting the Gauge Data Transmitter (GDT) can increase the security risk to your home network.  We have made our best effort to secure the GDT from viruses and malware. However, the GDT is based on open source software that is not in our full control and may be compromised without our knowledge.  To help reduce this possible risk we have a few suggestions:

  1. Connect the GDT to a wireless network that is protected from the Internet with a Firewall. This will help protect the GDT from being hacked.

  2. Connect the GDT to a dedicated wireless network just for IOT devices.  This network should be isolated from other devices that may be in your home such as laptops, smart phones, tablets and desktop workstations. Many of the newer wireless routers support a guest network that can provide this function.

  3. If you decide to not connect to a dedicated IOT network (not recommended) then make sure all devices on the same network or running some type of firewall and protected from viruses and malware.