WallGauge Tempest Weather System Setup

Unpacking and setup video 

In this video I will show you how to setup a 3.5” desktop WallGauge, Install the GDT Administrator app on your phone, and get an access token from the tempests web site. 

Setup, Step by Step

  1. Install batteries into your WallGauges. (3 AAA batteries for each gauge.)

  2. Setup and power-up your Gauge Data Transmitter.

    1. If you have a pre-assembled GDT all you need to do is plug in the power and let it boot. Go to the next step.

    2. If you bought a GDT kit that requires assembly follow the instructions here and return to the next step.

  3. Download and install the GDT Administrator app from the Apple App Store.  

  4. Use the GDT Administrator app to connect your GDT to your home’s wireless network.

    1. Click on your GDT in the list view. (See figures 1 to 3)

    2. Push the bind button just under the lid of the GDT to allow it to pair with devices.

    3. Give the GDT a name and an eMail address we can use to contact you for security updates. (See figure 4)

    4. Connect to your home wireless network that has access to the Internet. (See figures 5 and 6)

    5. Let the GDT Reboot and goto Step 5

  5. When the GDT reboots tap on the GDT in the list view of the GDT Administrator and then tap on the Tempest Weather Gauge. (See figures 7 and 8)

    1. Tip:  Your GDT will take several minutes to reboot and you can slide your finger down from the top of your screen in the GDT Administrator app to force it to refresh.

  6. Once you're into the Gauge App Admin for the Tempest Weather Gauge, tap on the Gauge Help and Information link. (See figure 9) This link will take you to a help screen that has a link to the tempests.com site to access your token.  Click on that link (See figure 10) and login with your tempestWx account and tap on settings in the upper right hand corner (See figures 11 and 12).  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on “Data Authorizations” (See figure 13). Now tap on the “create token” button and give it the name of WallGauge and tap “create token” one more time (See figures 14 and 15).  On the next screen you will have the option to copy your new access token.  Push the copy button to copy the access token to your phone’s clipboard.  Now tap on the back arrow in the upper left hand corner of the screen to go back to the GDT Administrator app (See figure 16).  Now in the GDT Administrator app tap on the API Key or Token option and past in your access key and hit OK (See figures 17 and 18).  In a few minutes your weather data should show up in the Value field at the top of the screen (See figure 19).

  7. In a few minutes your WallGauges will start to display the gauge data.  At this point you're done with the GDT Administrator.  Place your GDT in an out of the way location the doesn't block the infrared LEDs and let it run.  

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 9.39.30 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 9.42.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 9.44.37 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 9.46.17 AM.png