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Tempest Weather System

Welcome to the WallGauge Tempest Weather System Collection.

Here you can purchase WallGauges that will work with your Tempest Weather System. A complete solution requires one Gauge Data Transmitter, one WallGauge, and an active Software Maintenance Subscription.  WallGauges come in both a 3.5” desktop version as well as a larger 12” wall hang.

All WallGauges are battery powered and must be in the same room as a GDT.  The Tempest Weather System is a product of WeatherFlow and not included.  WeatherFlow is not associated with WallGauge.

Click here to view our setup video and step by step instructions.

A GDT is required

WallGauges require a GDT to be in the same room to transmit gauge data. Please add one of the two GDT configurations below to your cart.

Build Your Own Tempest Wall Gauge

This project was sparked by the desire to make unique gifts for my family. I wanted something that was unique and different in a kit format that would display data on an analog gauge.  I could not come up with anything close to what I was looking for. So I decided to make my own.  If you're interested in doing it yourself, I get it.  Just dive-in and go for it!  I would love to see what you come up with and be happy to share them on my site.