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Tempest Weather System

Welcome to the WallGauge Tempest Weather System Collection.

Here you can purchase WallGauges that will work with your Tempest Weather System. A complete solution requires one Gauge Data Transmitter, one WallGauge, and an active Software Maintenance Subscription.  WallGauges come in both a 3.5” desktop version as well as a larger 12” wall hang.

All WallGauges are battery powered and must be in the same room as a GDT.  The Tempest Weather System is a product of WeatherFlow and not included.  WeatherFlow is not associated with WallGauge.

Click here to view our setup video and step by step instructions.

A GDT is required

WallGauges require a GDT to be in the same room to transmit gauge data. Please add one of the two GDT configurations below to your cart.