GDT Software Maintenance


The Gauge Data Transmitter (GDT) is a small Linux based computer based on custom software and hardware developed by WallGauge.  Linux is an open source operating system that is constantly changing and patched by a community of developers. In order to insure the GDT is secure and operates reliably, an update process was created by WallGauge.  This process insures updates are applied to each GDT in a timely and secure manner.  Additionally, each GDT employs a cloud hosted encryption key management solution that insures optimal encryption for data stored on the GDT.  All of this requires ongoing support and is funded by the GDT’s software maintenance contract.  


An active WallGauge Software Maintenance subscription is required for every Gauge Data Transmitter. If the subscription expires each WallGauge controlled by that GDT will move its needle to the renew subscription position and stay there until the Software Maintenance subscription is renewed.


How to renew your GDT Software Maintenance subscription.

To renew your GDT Software Maintenance subscription visit out online store and select a renewal timeframe.  You will need the name of your GDT to purchase a renewal and that can be accessed with the iPhone GDT Administrator app available on the app store.    


Once you purchase a renewal, our servers will be updated with the new information and your GDT will start to function again.  This should take place within 2 business days of the online purchase.  You will not need to do anything other than purchase a new subscription and give us your GDT’s name.  We can take it from there.


  1. An active GDT Software Maintenance subscription is required for each GDT. 

  2. GDT Software Maintenance subscriptions are not refundable.

  3. GDT Software Maintenance subscriptions may not be transferred to another GDT or another user.

  4. The cost of GDT Software Maintenance contract is subject to change and can be updated without notice.

  5. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse a Software Maintenance contract disabling a GDT.