The WallGauge PCB is a round printed circuit board housing an analog gauge (small stepper motor), infrared receiver, and a very unique processor called the Propeller from Parallax.  Firmware on the Propeller listens for commands from a Gauge Data Transmitter (GDT) and will move the needle to a physical location as instructed.  This firmware is designed to work with a gauge app running on the GDT giving us the ability to support multiple gauge types. Each gauge type can have a unique gauge face and calibration table.  This unique combination of the firmware and gauge apps makes the WallGauge system highly customizable.


Additional Information:


Please keep in mind this is a circuit board and firmware only not a complete working gauge. It requires a GDT, a gauge app, a custom gauge placard, and a case to mount it in that you will need to provide. If you're looking for a complete working gauge please see our "WallGauges" collection on this store. 


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WallGauge PCB

SKU: S4JF9T0025
  • The WallGauge PCB recives gauge commands from the GDT.  A GDT is required to be in the same room (within 20 feet line of site) as the WallGauge PCB.  One GDT can host several WallGauges but they all must be within line of site to recive the gauge data.