This is the internal gauge works for the Tempest WallGauge. Like the Tempest Desktop Gauges above it requires a Gauge Data Transmitter (GDT) with a GDT software maintenance subscription, and 3 AAA batteries (The expected battery life is 1 year for the wind gauge and 5 to 7 years for the Temperature and Precipitation gauge). 


The gauge works are designed to slip into a 3.5” diameter hole from the front with a depth of 1.8”.  The gage works come with the gauge face, 1 WallGauge PCB, outside Expansion Ring, and a clear acrylic face with a black trim ring.  The Gauge works are assembled and tested in a self contained unit that can slide right into your case.


You can order the gauge works with the brass gauge face for a Temperature Gauge, Average Wind Speed gauge, or 7 Day accumulated Precipitation gauge.


The values displayed by the gauges will be updated about every 5 minutes (every 2.5 minutes for the wind gauge). All Gauges require a WallGauge Gauge Data Transmitter (GDT) to be 20 feet away or closer and in clear line of site.  One GDT can source several gauges so if you already have a GDT in the room you can use that GDT to send data to this gauge.  


You must have a Tempest Weather System installed and connected to the WeatherFlow cloud for this gauge to work.  The GDT will run our Tempest Weather gauge app to communicate with the WeatherFlow cloud API.  During setup you will be required to enter an API key giving the GDT permission to connect to your weather data.


The Tempest Weather System is a product of WeatherFlow and not included.  WeatherFlow is not associated with WallGauge and this gauge is the property of WallGauge, LLC.  By purchasing this gauge you agree to our purchase agreement, terms and conditions, and privacy policy as posted at


Some of the plastic parts inside the gauge are made of Expanded Polyvinyl Chloride.  WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Polyvinyl Chloride, CAS 9002-86, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to


By purchasing the Product, Purchaser agrees that Purchaser has read, understands, and accepts the WallGauge purchase agreement.

Tempest Desktop Gauge (Build your own case)