This WallGauge displays weather data from your home Tempest weather station. The data is pulled from the WeatherFlow API (that is where your Tempest uploads its weather data).
To use this WallGauge you must have a Tempest Weather station and a valid account at  12 AAA Batteries not included. 

Tempest 4 Gauge Forecast

SKU: tmpst4GaugeFcast
  • The Tempest Weather WallGauge is a collection of four gauges on one gauge face. Each gauge has a unique data source and are all sourced from the WeatherFlow Smart Weather API. I have created a node.js data delegate called the weatherFlowDataGetter that makes the API calls and returns the data to this gauge app. The weather Flow Data Getter and this gauge app are open source library’s and you're welcome to improve or use these library’s in your own projects.

    Gauge Walk-Through

    • Outside ring (main gauge). The main gauge shows the current outside temperature observed at your Tempest. The values on this gauge are in degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Forecast Low Temperature (upper left gauge). This gauge shows the forecast low temperature for the day in degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Forecast High Temperature (upper right gauge). This gauge shows the forecast high temperature for the day in degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Chance of Precipitation (bottom center gauge). This gauge has a range from 0 to 100 percent. It shows the likelihood of precipitation for the day.