Want to make your own gauge transmitter and avoid our software maintenance contract?  If you're a developer, we got you covered.  Order our GDT-PCB and use our sample code as a starting point along with your Raspberry Pi Zero WH to make your own gauge transmitter.


The GDT-PCB is a small circuit board designed to plug into the Raspberry Pi Zero WH expansion header. The PCB is soldered to the top of a 40 pin female header allowing it to easily slide on to the Raspberry Pi Zero WH (not included) male header. The GDT-PCB is fitted with two super-bright 5mm infrared (940nm) LEDs, red and green LEDs, and a normally open push button.


Additional Information:


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  • The following items are not included and you will need to purchase separately:

    • Raspberry Pi Zero WH
    • This is the hardware only not a complete unit.  You will have to write code to make it work.