This is everything you need to setup a GDT.  It is a kit containing hardware (GDT-PCB) and manged software (SD card) that is designed to work with a Raspberry Pi Zero WH.  The Raspberry Pi Zero WH is included with this purchase. When you order a GDT kit you will receive a GDT-PCB, a snap on cap, and a SD card with our WallGauge software preinstalled, Raspberry Pi Zero WH, Raspberry Pi Zero WH case, and a 5v power supply.  

Important requirements!

  • An iPhone or iPad capable of running IOS 13 or newer is required to setup this GDT kit on the Raspberry Pi.  To setup and configure the GDT-Kit you will need to install our GDT Administrator app from the Apple App Store. 
  • A software maintenance subscription is required for each GDT.  This purchase price includes the first year’s subscription.


By purchasing the Product, Purchaser agrees that Purchaser has read, understands, and accepts the WallGauge purchase agreement.

Gauge Data Transmitter Complete Kit

  • This kit requires an iPhone or iPad (IOS 13 or later) to run the setup software from the app store.  Android devices are not supported.

  • The following items are not included and you will need to purchase separately:

    • Wireless network with access to the Internet.
    • iPhone or iPad to run the GDT Administrator app.
    • One or more WallGauges to display gauge data.