Charge & Range Gauge for my Tesla Model X

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Over the past couple of months I have been focused on my newest gauge, the Charge and Range Gauge for a Tesla electric vehicle. It will also work with other electric vehicles down the road but for now my focus is on my Tesla Model X.

Charge and Range Gauge for my Tesla Model X

This week I put the finishing touches on my first fully functioning prototype. Here are some pictures of the construction process for the outside case of the gauge. It is made of Padauk with mahogany inlays, cut and glued together to form three rings.

Padauk and Mahogany segments cut sanded and ready to be glued together

Segments glued together to from three rings.

After the segments dry overnight the rings are glued together

A drill jig is used to drill holes for holding the internal components

The case is then sanded down to 600 grit and hand finished on the lathe

Press nuts are pushed into the predrilled holes. Standoffs are then screwed into each press nut to hold the clear acrylic faceplate.

Finally the electronics and clock face are attached to the standoffs.

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