Gauge Data Transmitter Kit Overview

The heart of a WallGauge system is the Gauge Data Transmitter.  The GDT is purchased as a kit containing hardware (GDT-PCB) and software (SD card) that is designed to work with a Raspberry Pi Zero WH.  The Raspberry Pi Zero WH is a small standalone computer that is designed to accommodate custom hardware and software like the GDT-PCB and SD card. When you order a GDT kit you will receive a GDT-PCB, a snap on cap, and a SD card with our WallGauge software preinstalled.  You will need to provide a Raspberry Pi Zero WH with the official Raspberry Pi Zero case and power supply. 

GDT Components 

In figure 1 you see all the components of a GDT laid-out from top to bottom, these are: 3D printed GDT Cap with logo, GDT-PCB, SD Card and Label, Raspberry Pi Zero WH, Red Raspberry Pi Zero official case bottom, White Raspberry Pi Zero official case expansion top. 

Setup details

  1. Insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi Zero.

  2. Snap the Raspberry Pi Zero into its case making sure the USB ports align with the slots on the side.

  3. Push the GDT-PCB onto the Raspberry Pi Zero's expansion header as shown.  Please note how the small white button is on the opposite side of the SD Card.  Caution! It is possible to put the GDT-PCB on backwards, please take note of the orientation as shown.  If the GDT-PCB is not correctly placed onto the Raspberry Pi it may be damaged when powered on.  

  4. Snap the White Raspberry Pi Zero expansion top onto the red case

  5. Snap the 3D printed GDT Cap with logo to the the top of the White Raspberry Pi Zero Expansion top.

  6. Peal the backing off the label and place it on the bottom of the Red case as shown.


Thats it the GDT is now ready to be setup with the GDT Administrator app.  To download the GDT Administrator from the Apple App Store point your camera at the QR code on the 3D printed GDT Cap and follow the links.

Figure 1 complete system


1) Insert SD Card

GDT Setup Step 1

2) Snap Pi into red case

GDT Setup Step 2

3) Push GDT-PCB onto Header


5) Snap on GDT Cap 

GDT Setup Step 5

4) Snap on white Pi Zero top 

GDT Setup step 4

6) Put label on back