1. To install the GDT Administrator you need an iPhone or iPad running IOS version 13 or higher. The GDT Administrator is delivered to your iPhone with Apple's Test Flight program from the App Store.  Test Flight is Apple's IOS App testing tool that allows me to track the testing process. Once installed the GDT Administrator will start searching for a Gauge Data Transmitter (GDT).  It works best if it is close (within a few feet) of the GDT.

  2. Power up the GDT and put fresh batteries in your Wall Gauge.  The GDT will take some time to boot and after a few minutes it will appear in the GDT Administrator’s list view.   Wait for the padlock on the right to turn red and then tap it to start the setup process.  If the GDT doesn’t show up in the list view or the padlock doesn’t turn red after a few minutes try closing the GDT Administrator and restarting it.  


For support and items I would like you to test please see the Beta Support forum.

For more information see our GDT Administrator Documentation and video library

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