What is this?

An open source platform for displaying IOT telemetry on a physical gauge.

The above 12" wall gauge and the smaller 3” desktop gauge below are examples of physical gauges that display data from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  These gauges show real time data from IOT telemetry collected by government maintained sensors located in the various rivers of the US. 


The gauges inside the wood cases are battery powered and can run 12 to 18 months on 3 AAA batteries.  The gauge face can be customized to display data from a wide variety of sources ranging from river levels to the solar powered generated by a home solar system. 


How It Works

A WallGauge system is a blend of custom hardware and software we developed and manufacture.  The hardware consist of two printed circuit boards and an off-the-shelf small computer named the Raspberry Pi Zero W.  


When a Raspberry Pi Zero W is fitted with a WallGauge infrared daughter board and our open source software it becomes a Gauge Data Transmitter or GDT for short.  The GDT pulls data from the Internet, converts it to a format the WallGauges understand, and beams it to them with the infrared LEDs.  


A WallGauge is a 3” round PCB with a microcontroller (Parallax Propeller), infrared receiver, motor driver, battery pack, and a small stepper motor.  The WallGauge PCB receives data from the GDT and moves a needle attached to the stepper motor to a relative position on the gage face.  Each WallGauge has an address and it can be calibrated to work with a custom gauge face.

GDT with case in background.
WallGauge round PCBs (3 are complete)

IOS App for iPhone or iPad

To setup and configure the GDT an IOS App is under development that runs on an iPhone or iPad.  Sorry, Android is not supported at this time.  This App creates an encrypted wireless connection to the GDT.  Once your iPhone is connected to the GDT it can check the status of your gauge’s data, add new gauges and select new wireless networks for it to connect.  The first time you connect your iPhone to the GDT a wizard will walk you through the configuration steps.  


GDT Setup and Configuration Video


Be in Touch


The WallGauge system is currently under development and looking for people to help test and give input.  If you would like to participate in the testing process please use the form below to send us a note.  We will reach out to you with more information.