What is this?

A platform for displaying IOT telemetry on a physical gauge.

The above 12" WallGauge and the smaller 3.5” desktop gauge below are examples of analog gauges that display data from a backyard weather system and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  If your data is available via a web API chances are it can be displayed on a WallGauge. 

The “gauge works” inside the wood cases are battery powered and can run 5 to 7 years on 3 AAA batteries (battery life will vary based on the type of data being displayed).  The gauge faces can be customized to display data from a wide variety of sources ranging from river levels to the solar power generated by a home solar system. 


How It Works

A WallGauge system consist of a Gauge Data Transmitter (GDT) and a WallGauge (battery powered analog gauge).


The GDT beams gauge data to an infrared receiver in a battery powered WallGauge.  It connects to the Internet over your wireless network to download gauge data and converts it to a format for transmission to a WallGauge.  The GDT is a kit designed to work with a Raspberry Pi Zero WH.  This kit consist of a printed circuit board (GDT-PCB) and software (provided on a SD card).  A monthly software maintenance subscription is also required for each GDT.  For more information please see our GDT details page.

A WallGauge is a round printed circuit board housing an analog gauge (small stepper motor), infrared receiver, and a very unique processor called the Propeller from Parallax.  Firmware on the Propeller listens for commands from the GDT and will move the needle to a physical location as instructed.  This firmware is designed to work with a gauge app running on the GDT giving us the ability to support multiple gauge types. Each gauge type can have a unique gauge face and calibration table.  This unique combination of the firmware and gauge apps makes the WallGauge system highly customizable. 

If you would like to create a custom gauge we will be happy to assist as needed.  Please contact us to setup a demo and discuss your project. 

GDT-PCB with cap and SD card.
WallGauge Software pre-installed on SD card.
GDT-PCB and cap installed on a
Raspberry Pi Zero WH (Pi sold separately)
WallGauge GDT Assembly

IOS App for iPhone or iPad


To setup and configure the GDT please install our IOS App that runs on an iPhone or iPad.  Sorry, Android is not supported at this time. For more information please see our GDT Administrator page


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If you would like more information on a WallGauge or like to be added to our mailing list just drop us a note below. We would be happy to setup an on-line conference call to discuss your custom gauge.

February 2022 Project update

After several years of working on this project I have decided to move on and stop all work.  I would be interested in selling everything. If anyone is interested please reach out.    


This all started sometime around mid summer of 2017. I was reading an article in Nuts and Volts while sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for my wife’s checkup to end and the idea for WallGauge (it was called RiverGauge back then) came to me.  The idea was to make an attractive battery powered gauge to hang on the wall and show the current river level as well as the forecast. I had made analog river gauges before.  In fact, I had written about them in Nuts and Volts but they were just novelties.  I wanted to make a mainstream gauging system anyone could incorporate into their projects. It would not be focused on river levels but any type of gaugeable data (weather, river levels, solar radiation, wave heights, etc…) Little did I know back then It would take 3 years of my time and I wouldn’t sell a single one. That being said I’m very proud of the product and the company I created.  To this day I’m the only one who has a WallGauge system and they work flawlessly. I met and surpassed all my design goals!


If you're interested in the design details and why the product was on the market for 3 whole days before I shut it all down drop me an eMail.